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PROJECT SUMMARY/ABSTRACT Administrative Core – Core A There are few academic centers that focus on translating novel therapeutics to preserve or restore hearing and vestibular function. In Phase I of this COBRE, the goal of the Administrative Core is to provide the thematic direction and scientific infrastructure for the Translational Hearing Center to establish a sustainable multidisciplinary research program at Creighton University with national and international recognition. We will integrate faculty development with strong mentoring and an excellent and innovative pilot project program, along with strategic planning and comprehensive evaluation, into a robust administrative structure. The Specific Aims of the Administrative Core are to: 1) Provide fiscal and administrative management of the Center including management of fiscal and personnel matters, coordination of meetings, accountability, enhanced online capabilities, and dissemination of results. 2) Develop strong Center investigators that obtain peer-reviewed grants to launch long-term research careers validating and translating novel therapeutics that preserve or restore hearing and vestibular function. We will provide intensive mentoring and access to Research Cores with opportunities for collaboration, and build a critical mass of Center-focused investigators. 3) Establish an excellent Pilot Project Program to attract new investigators to the Center, and provide access to our Research Cores, to empower them to generate sound pilot data to obtain extramural research grants. 4) Provide leadership for success and sustainability through four sub-aims to: a) recruit excellent new investigators and trainees to the Center; b) strengthen research funding of the Center, c) promote the Center’s financial independence by developing fee structures for Research Core services to enhance Center sustainability, and d) guide strategic planning for long-term sustainability of the Center; and 5) Develop an evaluation program to assess performance and outcomes of Center activities to identify and implement improvements to strengthen the impact of the Translational Hearing Center. A dedicated Administrative Core to create a supportive scientific environment will enable the Center to sustainably recruit, mentor and retain a critical mass of investigators to translate candidate ototherapeutics that preserve or restore hearing and vestibular function towards clinical studies.
Effective start/end date12/1/201/31/23


  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences: $859,905.00


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