Comparing the impact on health outcomes for low-income single mothers of the Financial Success Program versus usual healthy-behavior interventions

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This grant supports a randomized, controlled, three-year study to explore whether and how improving financial competence affects the health of single mothers living in low-income households. Increased stress and well-being impairment have been strongly documented in those individuals who are enduring financial strain. A body of literature illustrates how being poor requires so much mental energy that those with limited means are more likely to make mistakes and bad decisions than those with bigger financial cushions. Project deliverables will include a paper to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal and several communications products targeted to a policy audience, including a summary of findings on health outcomes in participants and their children and a policy brief on the study's outcomes.

Effective start/end date1/1/159/30/20


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: $399,042.00


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