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DESCRIPTION (Adapted from the Investigator's Abstract): Osteoporosis is a
major public health concern. The application focuses on the problem early
in life. Since there are no known safe, effective methods for restoring
lost bone to the osteoporotic skeleton, prevention of osteoporosis is
crucial. If skeletal development can be maximized during growth, young
people will begin adulthood with optimal bone quality and be less likely to
develop osteoporosis in later years. Yet bone health of children has not
been adequately addressed. This proposal will build on 3 previous studies
of bone quality in children. The aim of this experimental study is to test
the effect of increasing dietary calcium intake to 1500 mg/day on increases
in bone quality in pubertal females at age nine. The hypothesis to be
tested is: pubertal females who consume a high calcium diet will have a
greater increase bone quality, as measured by densitometry and ultrasound,
than pubertal females who consume their usual dietary calcium intake. A
convenience sample of 60 nine year old females will be randomly assigned to
a treatment group given high calcium foods supplying 1500 mg/day for 4 years
or a control group consuming their usual dietary calcium intake.
Measurements of bone quality, bone mass, physical activity, dietary intake,
height, weight, Tanner Stage, and medical history will be made at baseline,
every three months, and at the end of the study. Evidence of a positive
effect of increased calcium intake from food sources on bone quality in
pubertal females will be followed by another proposal to determine if this
treatment cohort can maintain their skeletal advantage into late
adolescence. The overall long-term aim of the P.I.'s work is to test
interventions designed to bring about conscious increase in calcium intake
and physical activity in children that will improve their bone health and
help to develop lifelong bone healthy behaviors.
Effective start/end date9/1/9712/31/02


  • National Institute of Nursing Research
  • National Institute of Nursing Research: $105,987.00
  • National Institute of Nursing Research: $106,471.00
  • National Institute of Nursing Research
  • National Institute of Nursing Research


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