• Agrawal, Devendra K. (PI)

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    Periodontal disease is an inflammatory process characterized by vascular
    dilation, increased microvascular permeability, migration and
    infiltration of inflammatory cells. These events may result in eventual
    loss of periodontal attachment. Bone resorption in periodontitis is due
    to an increased activity of osteoclasts. Recently, a very potent
    mediator of inflammation, platelet-activating factor (PAF, PAF-acether,
    AGEPC), has been discovered. In other systems, PAF has been shown to
    produce almost all of the underlying characteristic lesions observed
    periodontal disease. However, its role in the development of the
    periodontal disease has note been studied. It is our hypothesis that
    PAF is involved in activation of osteoclasts leading to bone resorption
    and progressive destruction of structures supporting the tooth. IN
    order to test our hypothesis, we will do the following: 1. We will examine the effect of PAF and selective antagonists of PAF
    receptors in vitro on bone resorption capacity of osteoclasts which will
    be isolated in primary cultures, and 2. We will identify and characterize PAF receptors on osteoclasts. These studies will be a definitive test of the effect of PAF on bone
    resorptive capacity of osteoclasts under in vitro conditions.
    Effective start/end date7/1/8912/31/90


    • National Institutes of Health


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