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This project consists of a longitudinal, prospective study of the
population-at-risk for osteoporosis. Research subjects are 184 normal
women who were aged 35-45 at the start of the study in 1967. Observations
are made once every five years and consist of comprehensive calcium
kinetic, calcium metabolic, and physiological measurements, as well as
radiogrammetric and photon-densitometric measurement of bone mass. A total
of well over 120 primary and derived variables are accumulated on each
subject. The plan is to continue these observations until a sufficient
fraction of the study population develops vertebral crush or other
osteoporosis-related fractures. At the onset of the new project period the
study population will be in the age-range 53-63, and we anticipate
beginning to see osteoporosis-related fractures developing during this next
five-year period. The purposes of the project are: 1) to obtain comprehensive longitudinal
data on various measures of calcium metabolism, bone metabolism, and
related physiological functions in a group of untreated women from the
perimenopausal period to the median onset time of osteoporotic symptoms; 2)
to provide an exhaustive physiological profile both on women who develop
symptomatic osteoporosis, and on those who do not, thereby allowing
prospective characterization of the differences between them and of the
factors influencing those differences; 3) to permit better identification
of the osteoporosis-prone subset and thereby to provide both a rational
basis for prophylactic treatment and the identification of subjects who
should be its target; 4) to characterize cross-sectional
inter-relationships between major physiological variables during this key
era of osteoporosis development; and finally 5) to provide a comprehensive
database for testing hypotheses about associations among variables
developed by us and others outside the context of this protocol.
Effective start/end date4/1/7911/30/89


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