PFI: An Interdisciplinary University-Based Education Partnership to Support Biomedical Technology Commercialization in Nebraska

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This Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) program--An Interdisciplinary University-Based Education Partnership to Support Biomedical Technology Commercialization in Nebraska--aims to create a self-sustaining university-based program to foster innovation for the commercialization of bioscience technology in Nebraska. Creighton University, including the College of Business Administration, School of Law, School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, and Office of Technology Transfer, has developed a program to cross train undergraduate and graduate students in business, law, and the biosciences. Upon completion of a one-year concentration, student teams will compete for seed money to fund start-up companies for further conceptualization and marketing of bioscience technologies. The program, involves a strong partnership between the two largest biomedical research centers in the state, Creighton University and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and a collaboration led by the deans of the business, law, and medical schools, as well as a director of technology transfer and a professor of strategy and entrepreneurship. In addition, numerous local businesses and other organizations have committed services, expertise, scholarship money, and internship opportunities. The Creighton University Partnerships for Innovation will also serve as the core curriculum for a new professional science master's degree, an MBA for scientists and mathematicians. The program will serve as a model for the integration of research, education, and practice to efficiently promote and increase regional high technology transfer.

This university-industry partnership will have broad impact on high technology businesses and employment opportunities. The anticipated avenues to achieve the goals of this program are as follows: 1) Stimulate the transformation of knowledge created through the research and education enterprise into innovations that build strong local, regional and national economies. 2) Broaden the participation of academic institutions and citizens by cross training a professional workforce, providing seed money to develop technologies, and creating facilities for conducting proof of concept and start-up activities. 3) Enhance the infrastructure necessary to foster and sustain innovation in the long-term. 4) Develop a professional science master's degree program, endorsed by the National Innovation Act of 2005 at Creighton University. The program is aimed at enabling future managers to navigate the business of science with ease, going from a meeting about enzymes to another about intellectual property rights, while understanding that the goal is marketable products.

Partners include Creighton University (lead institution); University of Nebraska Medical Center; Kiser Family Foundation; Blackwell, Sander, Peper, Martin, LLP; Stinson Morrison, Hecker, LLP; First National Bank of Omaha; bioNebraska, Life Sciences Association (a consortium of firms); Booz Allen Hamilton.; GR Exypnos, SafeStitch, LLC; Nature Technology Corporation; and Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.

Effective start/end date2/15/081/31/11


  • National Science Foundation: $535,545.00


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