A measurement of the Ds lifetime

W. Braunschweig, R. Gerhards, F. J. Kirschfink, H. U. Martyn, P. Rosskamp, B. Bock, J. Eisenmann, H. M. Fischer, H. Hartmann, E. Hilger, A. Jocksch, V. Mertens, R. Wedemeyer, B. Foster, A. J. Martin, A. J. Sephton, E. Bernardi, Y. Eisenberg, A. Eskreys, K. GatherH. Hultschig, K. Genser, P. Joos, U. Karshon, B. Klima, H. Kowalski, A. Ladage, B. Löhr, D. Lüke, P. Mättig, A. Montag, D. Notz, J. Pawlak, D. Trines, T. Tymieniecka, R. Walczak, G. Wolf, W. Zeuner, A. Kolanoski, T. Kracht, J. Krüger, E. Lohrmann, G. Poelz, K. U. Poesnecker, D. M. Binnie, J. K. Sedgbeer, J. Shulman, D. Su, A. T. Watson, F. Barreiro, A. Leites, J. del Peso, E. Ros, C. Balkwill, M. G. Bowler, P. N. Burrows, R. J. Cashmore, P. Dauncey, G. P. Heath, D. J. Mellor, P. Ratoff, I. Tomalin, J. M. Yelton, S. L. Lloyd, G. E. Forden, J. C. Hart, D. K. Hasell, D. H. Saxon, S. Brandt, M. Holder, L. Labarga, B. Neumann, G. Mikenberg, R. Mir, D. Revel, E. Ronat, A. Shapira, N. Wainer, G. Yekutieli, G. Baranko, A. Caldwell, M. Cherney, J. M. Izen, D. Muller, S. Ritz, D. Strom, M. Takashima, E. Wicklund, Sau Lan Wu, G. Zobernig

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The lifetime of the Ds meson has been measured using the TASSO detector at PETRA and found to be (5.7-2.6+3.6±0.9)×10-13 s. The method used was to reconstruct fully the decay vertex of the channel Ds→φ{symbol}π±, φ{symbol}→K+K-.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)317-321
Number of pages5
JournalZeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields
Issue number3
StatePublished - Sep 1987

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  • Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous)

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