Antihyperlipidemic statins: A self-contained, clinically relevant medicinal chemistry lesson

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Medicinal chemistry instruction at Creighton University is designed to provide an in-depth, scientifically grounded and clinically relevant learning experience for pharmacy students. Each topic covered in the 2-semester required course sequence is selected based on the general utility of the compounds in question and/or the therapeutic importance of the drugs in treating life-threatening diseases. All lessons provided to campus- and Internet-based students by the author are in the form of a descriptive and conversational narrative, and course requirements are in place to assure that students read the lesson prior to the class period in which it is discussed. Learning tools and aids are provided to help students readily discern the most critical aspects of each lesson, to practice required critical thinking and analysis skills, and to self-assess competency in meeting specific learning objectives. This manuscript illustrates this approach by sharing a lesson on the chemistry and clinically relevant structure-activity relationships of antihyperlipidemic statins, and the tools utilized to optimize learning of the lesson's important chemical and therapeutic messages.

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Article number77
Pages (from-to)546-560
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JournalAmerican Journal of Pharmaceutical Education
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2005


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