Differential cross sections for γγ→p-p in the CM energy range from 2.0 to 3.1 GeV

M. Althoff, W. Braunschweig, K. Gather, F. J. Kirschfink, K. Lübelsmeyer, H. U. Martyn, G. Peise, J. Rimkus, P. Rosskamp, H. G. Sander, D. Schmitz, H. Siebke, W. Wallraff, H. M. Fischer, H. Hartmann, W. Hillen, A. Jocksch, G. Knop, L. Köpke, H. KolanoskiH. Kück, R. Wedemeyer, N. Wermes, M. Wollstadt, S. Cooper, Y. Eisenberg, H. Hultschig, P. Joos, W. Koch, U. Kötz, H. Kowalski, A. Ladage, B. Löhr, D. Lüke, P. Mättig, K. H. Mess, D. Notz, J. Pyrlik, D. R. Quarrie, M. Rushton, W. Schütte, D. Trines, G. Wolf, Ch Xiao, R. Fohrmann, E. Hilger, T. Kracht, H. L. Krasemann, P. Leu, E. Lohrmann, D. Pandoulas, G. Poelz, B. H. Wiik, I. Al-Agil, R. Beuselinck, D. M. Binnie, A. J. Campbell, P. J. Dornan, B. Foster, D. A. Garbutt, T. D. Jones, W. G. Jones, J. McCardle, J. K. Sedgbeer, K. W. Bell, M. G. Bowler, I. C. Brock, R. J. Cashmore, P. E.L. Clarke, R. Devenish, P. Grossmann, S. L. Lloyd, G. L. Salmon, J. Thomas, T. R. Wyatt, C. Youngman, J. C. Hart, J. Harvey, J. Proudfoot, D. H. Saxon, P. L. Woodworth, F. Barreiro, M. Dittmar, D. Heyland, M. Holder, B. Neumann, E. Duchovni, U. Karshon, G. Mikenberg, R. Mir, D. Revel, E. Ronat, A. Shapira, G. Yekutieli, T. Barklow, A. Caldwell, M. Cherney, J. M. Izen, M. Mermikides, G. Rudolph, D. Strom, H. Venkataramania, E. Wicklund, Sau Lan Wu, G. Zobernig

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Exclusive production of proton-antiproton pairs by two photon scattering at CM energies between 2.0 GeV and 3.1 GeV has been measured with the TASSO detector at the e+e- storage ring PETRA. The angular distribution is flat within the accepted CM angular range |cos Θ*|≤0.7. The integrated cross section (|cos Θ*|≤0.6) drops from about 4 nb at 2 GeV to less than 0.5 nb above 3 GeV. For the two-photon production of the ηc(2984) and its subsequent decay into proton-antiproton the upper limit Γ(ηc→γγ)·B(η c→pp)

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)449-453
Number of pages5
JournalPhysics Letters B
Issue number6
StatePublished - Nov 3 1983
Externally publishedYes

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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