Drug–polymer miscibility, interactions, and precipitation inhibition studies for the development of amorphous solid dispersions for the poorly soluble anticancer drug flutamide

Anne Trivino, Ashwini Gumireddy, Fan Meng, Dev Prasad, Harsh Chauhan

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The major goal of this research was to successfully formulate solid dispersion (SD) of the poorly soluble anticancer drug flutamide (FLT) using various hydrophilic polymers. Furthermore, to get more insight into SD, solid-state studies (miscibility and molecular interaction) were correlated with solution study (precipitation inhibition, dissolution). Hydrophilic polymers like PVP K90, HPMC, Eudragit EPO, and PEG 8000 were used at different drug-to-polymer w/w ratios. Solid-state miscibility studies were carried out using modulated differential scanning calorimetry (MDSC). SDs were prepared using solvent-evaporation technique and characterized by powder X-ray diffraction (PXRD) and MDSC. Infrared, Raman spectroscopy and molecular modeling were used to investigate drug-polymer interactions in the dispersions. Precipitation inhibition studies were carried out at various FLT-hydrophilic polymer ratios. Precipitation inhibition studies showed that PEG 8000 has the highest efficiency, followed by PVP K90, while HPMC and EPO showed no effect on precipitation inhibition. In the solid-state, MDSC of the physical mixture (PM) suggested that FLT is miscible to a greater extent with EPO and PEG 8000. Characterization of the amorphous dispersions using MDSC and PXRD concluded that FLT transformed from crystalline to amorphous form in the presence of PVP K90 and PEG 8000. Spectroscopic results confirmed stronger interaction of FLT with PVP K90 and PEG 8000, thereby confirming the in-solution precipitation and molecular modeling binding energy results. Amorphous dispersions formulated with PVP and PEG were stable and showed higher dissolution, an important property necessary to improve the physicochemical properties and drug delivery of poorly soluble anticancer drug FLT.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalDrug Development and Industrial Pharmacy
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2019
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