Effect of Macroanatomic Bone Type and Estrogen Loss on Osteocyte Lacunar Properties in Healthy Adult Women

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This is the first study to examine clinical human bone specimens by three-dimensional imaging to characterize osteocyte lacunar properties as a function of macroanatomic bone type and estrogen loss. We applied laboratory-based instrumentation [3D X-ray microscope (3DXRM), MicroXCT-200; Carl Zeiss/Xradia, Inc.] that reaches the same resolution as synchrotron microscopy. We used serial transiliac bone biopsy specimens to examine the effect of macroanatomic bone type and estrogen status on osteocyte lacunar properties. These properties include lacunar size (volume, axes lengths of the ellipsoidal lacunar voids), distribution (density, average near-neighbor lacunar distance), and shape factors (sphericity ratio, average eigenvalues, degree of equancy, elongation, and flatness) in both cortical and trabecular bone tissue. The lacunar properties (volume, surface area, density, near-neighbor distance, etc.) and the shape factors (E1, L1, L2, degree of equancy, degree of elongation) were different between cortical and trabecular bone regardless of estrogen status. In cortical bone and trabecular nodes, the lacunar void volume and surface area were either smaller or tended to be smaller in postmenopausal as compared to premenopausal women. The void volume-to-bone volume ratio of cortical bone showed declining trends with estrogen loss. While there were differences between trabecular and cortical bone tissue, the lacunar void sphericity ratio for trabecular struts shows decreasing trends in postmenopausal women. These data suggest that using 3DXRM can provide new insight into osteocyte lacunar properties in transiliac bone biopsies from patients with various skeletal disease/conditions and pharmaceutical treatments.

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JournalCalcified Tissue International
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StatePublished - Jun 1 2017

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