Effects of 8 weeks of creatine supplementation on exercise performance and fat-free weight in football players during training

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The purpose of this study was to examine the changes in bench press strength (BPS), vertical jump (VJ), 100 yd dash time, and fat-free weight (FFW) in football players following 8 weeks of supplementation with a carbohydrate placebo (CHO), creatine monohydrate (CM), or CM plus CHO. Using a double blind random design, 24 college football players were placed into one of three treatment conditions: CHO) 35g CHO; CM) 5.25g CM plus 1g CHO; or CM+CHO) 5.25g CM and 33g CHO: All treatments were similar in taste and were ingested four times per day for five consecutive days and twice daily thereafter. All subjects weight trained for I h and participated in 30 min of speed drills four times per week for 8 weeks. The CM+CHO group experienced significant (p

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JournalNutrition Research
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Publication statusPublished - Feb 1999

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