Estimating the validity of radiographic measurements of marginal bone height changes around osseointegrated implants

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The accuracy of determining marginal bone height changes around osseointegrated implants depends on the validity of comparing serial films and the reliability of the measurements. X-ray beam orientation changes can alter the validity of serial films. A human dry mandible containing a Brånemark implant was irradiated ±12 degrees in the vertical plane at 1-degree intervals to the perpendicular to the long axis of the fixture. The thread width was recorded on both sides of each fixture image using a computer. Twenty-five randomized unclassified images were remeasured and the vertical angle of the x-ray beam was estimated from the previous measurements to test for validity of comparing images. The reliability of measurements with altered image magnification and penumbra were calculated. The reliability of 24 repeated thread width measurements was a SD of 0.01 mm. Of the 25 unknown beam angulations, 32 percent matched correctly, 20 percent ± 1 degree, 16 percent ± 2 degrees, or 68 percent

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