Existential Conservatism

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This essay articulates a kind of conservatism that it argues is the most fundamental and important kind of conservatism, viz. existential conservatism, which involves an affirmative and appreciative stance towards the given world. While this form of conservatism can be connected to political conservatism, as seen with Roger Scruton, it need not be, as seen with G. A. Cohen. It is argued that existential conservatism should be embraced whether or not one embraces political conservatism, though it is also shown that existential conservatism imposes constraints on our political thinking. In particular, it is argued that Cohen's 'luck egalitarianism' stands at odds with his existential conservatism and that one should be a sufficientarian rather than an egalitarian with regard to economic justice.

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StatePublished - Jul 1 2019

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