Optical types of inland and coastal waters

Evangelos Spyrakos, Ruth O'Donnell, Peter D. Hunter, Claire Miller, Marian Scott, Stefan G.H. Simis, Claire Neil, Claudio C.F. Barbosa, Caren E. Binding, Shane Bradt, Mariano Bresciani, Giorgio Dall'Olmo, Claudia Giardino, Anatoly A. Gitelson, Tiit Kutser, Lin Li, Bunkei Matsushita, Victor Martinez-Vicente, Mark W. Matthews, Igor OgashawaraAntonio Ruiz-Verdú, John F. Schalles, Emma Tebbs, Yunlin Zhang, Andrew N. Tyler

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

116 Scopus citations


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