Portrayals of African Americans in family medicine recruiting literature.

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OBJECTIVE: To study portrayals of African Americans in family medicine recruiting literature on a quantitative basis. DESIGN: Survey. SETTING: Seventy six family medicine residency recruiting brochures, from programs responding to letters requesting "information and an application" for an unrelated study. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Numbers of African Americans portrayed as physicians, other health care professionals, patients, and other in recruiting brochures. RESULTS: Out 2433 individuals portrayed, African Americans accounted for 4.2% of physicians, 10.8% of other health care providers, and 17% of patients. Brochures from twenty three programs, containing photographs of 502 individuals portrayed no African Americans. CONCLUSIONS: About one third of a sample of family practice program brochures sent to resident applicants in 1992 contained no photographs of African Americans. Implications for the recruitment of minorities to family medicine programs are discussed.

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JournalThe Nebraska medical journal
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StatePublished - Feb 1996
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