Search for charged higgs and technipions at petra

M. Althoff, R. Brandelik, W. Braunschweig, K. Gather, F. J. Kirschfink, K. Lübelsmeyer, H. U. Martyn, G. Peise, J. Rimkus, H. G. Sander, D. Schmitz, H. Siebke, D. Trines, W. Wallraff, H. Boerner, H. M. Fischer, H. Hartmann, E. Hilger, W. Hillen, G. KnopL. Köpke, H. Kolanoski, H. Kück, R. Wedemeyer, N. Wermes, M. Wollstadt, H. Burkhardt, S. Cooper, J. Franzke, H. Hultschig, P. Joos, W. Koch, U. Kötz, H. Kowalski, A. Ladage, B. Löhr, D. Lüke, P. Mättig, K. H. Mess, D. Notz, J. Pyrlik, D. R. Quarrie, R. Riethmüller, W. Schütte, P. Söding, G. Wolf, G. Yekutieli, R. Fohrmann, H. L. Krasemann, P. Leu, E. Lohrmann, D. Pandoulas, G. Poelz, P. Schmüser, B. H. Wiik, I. Al-Agil, R. Beuselinck, D. M. Binnie, A. J. Campbell, P. J. Dornan, B. Foster, D. A. Garbutt, T. D. Jones, W. G. Jones, J. McCardle, J. K. Sedgbeer, K. W. Bell, M. G. Bowler, I. C. Brock, R. J. Cashmore, R. Carnegie, P. E.L. Clarke, R. Devenish, P. Grossmann, J. Illingworth, S. L. Lloyd, G. L. Salmon, J. Thomas, T. R. Wyatt, C. Youngman, J. C. Hart, J. Harvey, J. Proudfoot, D. H. Saxon, P. L. Woodworth, D. Heyland, M. Holder, E. Duchovni, Y. Eisenberg, U. Karshon, G. Mikenberg, D. Revel, E. Ronat, A. Shapira, T. Barklow, M. Cherney, T. Meyer, G. Rudolph, H. Venkataramania, E. Wicklund, Sau Lan Wu, G. Zobernig

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We have searched for hadronic decay modes of unstable pointlike charged spin-zero particles such as charged Higgs bosons or technipions, produced in pairs in e+e- annihilation. Together with previous results on leptonic decay modes from other experiments, we conclude that at the 95% confidence level such particles do not exist in the mass range of 5 to 13 GeV.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)95-102
Number of pages8
JournalPhysics Letters B
Issue number1
StatePublished - Feb 24 1983
Externally publishedYes

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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